How to UBL (Unlock Boot Loader) HP Xiaomi All Types Officially

How to UBL (Unlock Boot Loader) HP Xiaomi All Types Officially, before we get into the point of discussion it would be nice you know what is Understanding and Function Bootloader. Bootloader is a code that must be run before the Operating System / operating system runs first. Bootloader is also universal because Boot Loader is in every operating system be it Hp android, Ios, Computers, Laptops and other devices. The bootloader function is as a directional package for booting the operating system kernel (the process for life) and most of the devices have their own modified environment. Since the bootloader will run first before the operating system runs from a device, so the bootloader becomes a major priority for the processor and on every motherboard, it definitely has its own bootloader. So the question is why our hp bootloader is still locked (locked bootloader) ...? Because it aims to keep all of you still use the operating system that has been provided by the vendor and so you do not install a custom room because it can eliminate your hp warranty period.

Advantages and Disadvantages Unlock Bootloader:

Advantages :

  1.     Hp you suport root access (Rooted)
  2.     Hp you can install Custom Recovery like CWM, TWRP, CTR
  3.     Hp you suport memsang or install application Xposed Installer
  4.     Supports Custom ROM (replace rom / os)
  5.     You can mengoprek android you as needed
  6.     And many others

Deficiency :

  1.     After unlock bootloader then your HP warranty will be lost
  2.     Security in your android phone will be reduced and vulnerable to viruses such as malware and trojans
  3.     The default security features of your hp xiaomi will be lost like Find Device, Added-Value Services and some other security features. 
After you read the understanding and function of Unlock Bootloader as well as lack and excess. 
Then the next step is How to Unlock Bootloader hp Xiaomi you are safe and official (official) below.

How to Unlock Bootloader Hp Xiaomi all types safe and official (official):

1. Create an account MI

  • Open the settings menu in your hp xiaomi
  • Then select an MI account and create an account
  • Enter your email or phone number to verify and enter the password. Here I use emailkarena in my opinion more secure
  • Then click on create account
  •  Next is to verify the Account that you created earlier by clicking Links or links from incoming email
  •  after following the above then your account is ready for use

2. Request Permission UBL

  • Go to the site click Unlock Now, and then login with the account you have created.
  •  If it is then you are now on the page Unlocking permissions. Then fill all the columns according to your data, and in column no HP you can use the number already registered in Mi Account, and change country code of INDONESIA that is +62.
  •  Then next you fill in what reason you want Unlock Bootloader, you can use this answer if you do not know "I want to unlock bootloader device Xiaomi" / "My Phone Bricked, Please approve my request unlock". If everything is filled then Apply Now.
  •  If you have followed the above steps then you are now in verification. Check sms verification in your hp then fill in the page if there is no message you can resend by mengkik RESEND if it is direct click NEXT and FINISH.
  • Then you just wait for Approved message from Xiaomi, usually this time to sweep up 7 days even more.

3. How to Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi all types

  • Download the MI Flash Unlock extract you can download it HERE
  • Go to Mi Account Settings menu
  • Enter your account that was already approved then login
  • Extract MI unlock already in Download then,
  • Open Miflash_unlock.exe
  • Click the agree button
  • Then re-input Email or No HP already aproved and login
  • Then you go into fastboot mode by the way, turn off your hp xiaomi that will in unlock, then turn on back by pressing and hold down volume button and power until it appears rabbit image that read Fastboot like picture below.
  • After entering fastboot mode then connect your hp xiaomi to computer or laptop using usb cable.
  • When your hp xiaomi has detected the camputer then click UNLOCK menu
  • Then the Bootloader unlock process will run and this only takes a few seconds doang
  • When it's done, Congrats you've successfully Unlock Bootloader hp xiaomi you.

Note: If your HP xiaomi is unreadable, then please Reinstall the Fastboot driver, you can check the driver by pressing the Setting button on the MI Unlock menu, then Click Chek and Install.

Article: Sabda Adjie Saputra TUTORDROIDKOM

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