how to disable windows update on windows 10

How to cope with a computer or laptop that is black when turned on >> a problem that has often happened. There are several reasons why the computer or laptop that we use only show black color but strangely the indicator lights are all. This problem can be caused due to several factors that affect the performance of a computer or laptop, either from the hardware side of it or from the software. But you do not need to worry because here Droid.Techno will provide easy steps to overcome the computer or laptop that is black when turned on.

Here are some common problems:1. The first is the problem of the hardware, either from its monitor or from the power cable and VGA. Perform the following checks:

Turn off the computer and restart the monitor and wait a few minutes and see if the computer is back to normal.
Shake the mouse and press the button on the keyboard until the display appears on the screen
Check the VGA cable is installed properly or not.
And make sure the keyboard is connected to the computer because usually the computer will not live if there is no keyboard
Then, if you have melsemua as above, then restart your computer and see if your computer is back to normal or not.

2. If the above does not work then the next way is to disassemble your computer and remove the existing RAM on your computer then clean it by using a pencil eraser. Because this could happen because the RAM is not readable by the computer because the dirty RAM covered by dust and other dirt.

Once cleared and then reattach the RAM on your computer's motherboard, make sure it is installed properly. Then try restarting your computer or laptop and see if it's back to normal or not. In general this is the most powerful way.
3. Check monitor and vga cable. This is just because your monitor or vga cable is damaged so you should check it.
4. Remove any additional hardware. Remove any additional hardware that is connected to your computer as this can also cause your computer or laptop to black screen problems when it is used.

5. BIOS (basic input output) is a basic computer system that controls the relationship between hardware and software. This BIOS could be corrupted. for how to overcome it is by entering the safe mode menu to check it.

Turn on your computer or laptop and press the F2 key on your keyboard when the computer is still black when black is turned on.
To enter the BIOS / safe mode is different depending on the brand of your computer and laptop. You can searching on google to find out.
After logging in then you select "Last Known Good Configuration" to return to the system when it was last used.
6. The operating system is damaged. If your windows operating system is damaged you can reinstall your computer or laptop with Flashdisk or CD / DVD. You can seaching on google with keywoard How to reinstall windows with Flashdisk or CD / DVD

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